4 January 2016


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8 December 2015

6 Ways Revamp Your Mum's Old Saree.

With only 20 old days for yet another new year to arrive and finding a perfect dress for the new year's eve party or any other occasion dont go to the mall instead dig out your closet. It's time to air out those old sarees hidden in your/Mum's closet.
Here's are a few great tips to glam up your or mum's old sarees with a simple trick !

1). Upcyle your old saree by turning it into kaftan or a shrug. Go for a bandhani, block printing or an embroidered style saree works best for a kaftan/shrug .Pair it with a simple tee and jeans.
2). Turn an old Banarasi saree into a beautiful evening dress. Make sure you choose the right silhouette that highlights the beautiful features in your saree like the pallu or the border.

3). Make a silk saree into a kurta. Use the pallu as dupatta/stole and pair it palazzos & trousers to give it a formal wear look.
 4). If you have a heavy border saree cut it out and make a potli bag. Buy beaded or fancy dori/strings to make the handle of the bag.
5).Make a multi layered dress out of a chiffon sari. Add sequin to the border and yoke to glam it up.

6). The best for the last! Revive your once favourite saree by tailoring it to a lehenga (long flowy skirt). Redo the original border by adding embroidery, kundan work and zari. Use the pallu as the dupatta or get a readymade one.
  Here's a picture of a lehenga that I designed out of a simple yellow sari. Add tassels on the side of the lehenga. You can get a choli (crop top) stitched with a contrasting color or just buy a new one. 
Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Start digging in your closet already!Be kind and Have a happy week ahead!
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4 November 2015

'Buy less,Choose Well' - Vivienne Westwood

Hello there!
  The Rickrack Project is back! After a year long hiatus, I'm back with my baby project with a fresh new start and exciting ideas.The Rickrack Project now has new sections with an 'ABOUT ME' column, 'OUTFITS' column where I'll be posting styling options and then there is 'TRP MAG' which is a short name for The Rickrack Project Magazine,from interesting fashion facts to How to wear a new trend to whats new around! Just like reading a fashion magazine :) But my favorite is the ' STYLE FEATURES' column, I plan to feature all fashion enthusiast on the blog who have their own individual style so if you think you know someone who has great style just shoot me a mail of his/her picture and I'll feature them! 
Getting back on track and finding inspiration to write my first post back isn't a piece of cake. After days of planning and researching and failing, my dear friend-tai Chitra came up with a brilliant suggestion to write about the capsule wardrobe. Wondering what that even means? Well don't you worry just sit back and read on.
       Capsule wardrobe  is a way of keeping a small number of useful clothes in your closet and mixing and matching them within each other. Now how to identify them as 'useful' clothes:
1. Do you feel comfortable in them?
2. Do they still fit ?
3. Does it enhance your looks?
4. Do you feel happy / fabulous wearing it?
If you answer to all the above question is yes then keep it if not trash it. Mind you this formula works on everything from shoes to scarves to necklaces to even your reading glasses! Capsule wardrobe has great benefits if you start with this new lifestyle. For instance it helps you in figuring out your individual style. You can explore your creativity by just pairing the same clothes in different styles each time out. 
 I have picked out 6 basic essentials to show how you can pair them differently.

 This is also the best way to pack when your traveling. Pick out the essentials depending on the kind of place you're visiting & weather conditions and style them differently by mixing and matching. It's a great way to save on that extra luggage also. Less time to decide on what to wear which let's just agree is the reason why we girls tend to be late always.The best option to increase your outfits is to add accessories.Adding accessories are like adding spices to food.

What do you think of these looks ? Comment below or even better show me how you would style your capsule closet and send me pictures. I'll upload them on TRPs featured column !
Be kind and Have a happy week ahead!
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27 December 2014

Sunshine In The Dark

Hey Rickrackers!
      I have been delaying this post for over a month now and this will probably be the last post of 2014 as well. I, Promise to post more often from the start of the new year and no this isn't my "new resolution". I love accessorizing be it layered necklaces, big rings(I love them!), or just a smart handbag. I think little details can change the way you look and dress up.I love detailing, be in life or my clothes.It makes way for a better outlook. That's something common you'll notice in all my look posts. I found this bright blue hued midi skirt somewhere hidden in the back of my closet. And I instantly knew I wanted to use it on the blog. Fact is I have never worn it before! Have you ever bought something and never got a chance to wear it? I decided to pair it with a simple white tee to bring more attention to the skirt.
Also, choosing all my accessories in white including my shoes. To add a little whimsy to my look I wore a silver with blue stones head piece (necklace turned into a maang tikka) and it looks fabulous with the midi skirt.

People who know me know the fact that I love my hair maybe even a little possessive over it too.So, when i was approached by Schwarzkopf professional to review their new range of hair therapy products I was not completely sure at first but i did want to give it a try for a few showers at least. The range is called Schwarzkopf professional BC Bonacure, is mainly targeted to fix damaged hair with a set of shampoo, conditioner,leave-in mask and heat protectant. Since my hair doesn't need much repairing i was more interested in one of the product called Moisture Kick Beauty Balm which works well as a heat protectant if you use hair straightner or hair dryer more often like I do. To summarize my review on the BC Bonacure range, all the products smell pleasantly and are handy to use. The leave-in mask works very well making the hair soft and supple looking. My only advise to everyone is to try and take cold water showers for your hair as it makes a huge difference to any hair routine you tend to follow.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Range

Photo credits: Ritika Gupta 

Until next post and next year! 

Happy New Year! x SD

20 October 2014

Thinking Out Loud.

Putting together this look was the most fun I have had since the start of this blog. The entire look was played around these big and gorgeous pair of earrings something that anyone would generally choose to wear on an Indian outfit. Also called as chandbalis, are much in demand after Deepika Padukone wore them in the movie Ram-Leela. I opted to go for a sporty look yet feminine in a way that makes me comfortable. so I wore a loose crop top and acid wash rolled up denims with a pretty hair bun. I love how beautifully these earrings blend with the complete look. 

 Featuring bag from Temore

Tell me what you think about the pictures in the comments section.
Be kind and have a happy week ahead!

Until next post,
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4 October 2014


Parnicaa, is an exquisite jewelry brand started by Parinika Reddy and her mother in Hyderabad. A few weeks back, I got an invite from this pretty boutique for a preview of their collection. So, I instantly said 'yes' to it! I've been so excited about this post for two reasons. 
A.The brand is a start up venture by a young entrepreneur who believes that everyone can succeed in life.
B.This is the first time i'll be wearing all Indian outfits on the blog.

 When I walked into the store I knew I was going to have a good day. With pretty lights, elegant clothing, sparkling jewellery and off course a giant sized mirror! Within a few minutes of our chatting about the store, I decided to play dress-up and oh what fun it was! There are so many stunning pieces to choose from.

Having multi designer clothes in collaboration with her jewellery brand was an idea that she got one day while thinking 'what if I could provide the clients with the right kind of clothes that compliment the jewelry'. Shop under one roof kinda way. Her jewelry and all the garments on the rack is a reflection of her own sartorial choices for designed women who is simple,classy, and independent. Every outfit in the store is so beautiful that it will undoubtedly make you the center of attention wherever you walk in.You can wear them for a Sunday brunch or to your friend's cocktail party! They even a range of hand printed sarees with interesting motifs (masaba-like) in lovely earthly color-tones. 

The concept of the store is to provide classic and contemporary jewelry and clothing in high quality at a very reasonable price.I'd say this place is a must visit on a budget shopping day and I have already recommended it to so many of my friends.

Now on to my favourite part ! Click and Pose! 

I loved every piece that I tried on! All I was doing that day was twirling around the place because all the clothes made me so happy. Yeah, Pretty things have that effect on me. Anyway, I hope these pictures give you the same feeling as well.      
Show them some love and give a 'LIKE' on their facebook [ HERE] and also check the page for more designs and orders.
Until next post,
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29 September 2014

Spreading The Dream.

I'm very excited to introduce a collaboration with a recently launched handbags. We have been planning this for quite some time now but for some reason or the other it just wasn't happening but i'm happy to announce that we finally pinned it down. Yay to us!! The brand is called Temore, started by three friends from Hyderabad with an common interest in creating fun,design oriented and fusing fashion with functionality at budget friendly prices.

The designs are very eye-catching,edgy and lady-like! They ain't just pretty looking but also functional because let's agree we girls need a lot of stuff to carry around as this makes it a perfect buy.From oversized slouchy bags to smart clutches and sling bags, temore offers a varied range of designs,a good color palette and beautiful abstract prints.Each bag comes with a separate sling straps giving you a choice to change it as per your usage.
Having lived in Hyderabad for most of my life I always hear people complaining about not having good quality products at affordable prices. Well, temore is definitely an answer to all those crying fashion girl's prayers.

We decided to do a transitional look on the blog.For those who don't know what a transitional look means it is basically taking the same outfit / accessory from day to night only by changing the outfit in different combinations.This is very common to do between seasonal changes. I'm sure everyone must have done this in their daily life without realizing how amazing that one piece of jewellery or shirt can be transformed from work to night out with friends.
Anyway picking one bag from their collection wasn't a easy task for me because all the bags are so pretty and intriguing. Finally this is the bag I chose to style !

Now I want to give a little but very important styling advice for the next time you go shopping. Look out for pieces you like that can be styled at least in 5 different combinations and make sure not to blindly pick up a piece because it's the latest trend but because it adds to your appearance making it your personal style.

I had a lot of fun styling the bags for this shoot.I hope you like it!

You can view more pictures of the above individual looks in the previous posts here and here ! Head over to see how much fun I had posing for this lovely brand !!
Show them some love and give them a 'LIKE' on their facebook [Here] and for pricing and orders you can write to the team at temore3@gmail.com.

What do you think of these looks ? Comment below or even better show me how you would style this bag and quick send a picture!

Until next post,
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