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5 June 2014

Rolled Up Jeans

Women have been rolling their jeans up since decades now having said that this style has found its way back into recent trends as major hit amongst street style fashionistas and celebrities walking out in a casual tee tossed with a big printed scarf.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, the Olsen sisters have been spotted sporting this trend a numerous times on the streets of New York City,Italy and London.This trend is very popular as airport style as well.
Though there are a few pointers to remember when wearing cuffed up denims.
The do's and don'ts.
  • First Do make them look like it rolled up on purpose and not because they are long and you dint have time to alter them.
  • Don't EVER roll up bell bottom denim (that is just hideous to look at!)
  • Wear your favourite pair of heels.This look directly emphasis on your ankle so make sure to flaunt them right.
  • Don't roll up your denims if its cold outside(seasonal trend) or going for a formal meeting.

Thick fold Cuff-Fold the jeans two or three inches above the ankle.Skinny and destroyed jeans are the best pair of jeans for this style.

One Fold Cuff -Simply turn out your hem like you were to talk a walk on the beach.An Easy step by step on how to cuff your jeans !

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4 June 2014

Coffee Break

Hello my Rickrackers!
 There's nothing like wearing an old white shirt on a hot summer afternoon.I think I can never be tried of buying White shirts they are like my classic fashion piece.It's versatile, cool and always in style ! There is something about wearing a white tee in summer,it just transports you to another .There are so many styles to wear this classic during summer time, the simplest being over a pair of blue jeans, or a floral cotton blazer, or even sequin shorts and a basic pair of chambray overalls.The list can go on depending on your creativity and personal style just don't be afraid to experiment or show the world your sense of style.
    Quoting Anna Wintour- 'Create your own style ..let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others'.
On a hot summer afternoon..I decided to pair my white tee over my printed palazzo pants and clinched a belt to complete my 'happy-to-be-outside-even-though-its-crazy-hot' look.
 P.S I love wearing palazzo pants(wide leg pants) they are super comfy!

Selfie Ritual 
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Obsessing white over the years 

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24 May 2014

Hugs From The Sun

Hey Rickrackers!

 It's been a crazy hot summer this year,and cold showers and double chocolate chip ice creams are also not enough to beat the heat.The only way I see any rescue from the scorching heat is dressing the right (read-light) way. Something more comfortable ,stylish and summer appropriate off course !
Lucky for us ,Sbuys has included an entire new collection designed exclusively for this summer heat and i have picked out the five best outfits to sport and feel easy breezy! See how you can pair these picks with your current wardrobe and be your best .

Look 1:
Look 2:
Look 3:
Look 4:
Look 5:
Go over to SBUYS website and get these looks now!

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11 April 2014

Sun Loving Essentials

Hey Rickrackers !
 It's time to get yourself to face the sun with extra confidence and say no to staying indoors all day !

Here's my guide to the 12 essentials items you can't be without this summer.


     Must carry with all day for re-application. I recommend the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 50.Its waterproof and non sticky.

2.Tank tops

     Buy them in bright colors and different prints

3.Flip flops

     Give your feet some rest time from your sky high heels and relax !

4.Denim Shorts

       Time to flaunt your gorgeous legs and try out some DIY ideas to make your look quirky.

5.Gold Sunnies

       Shine brighter than the sun with flashy and super chic sunnies.


   Going for a swim? Wear the most cutest swimsuit in fun stripes and prints.

7.Maxi Skirts

 Chiffon Pleats and bold coloured maxi skirts are every lady' favourite go-to-outfit in summer  .Pair in with a belt to give it a stylish touch.

8.Floral Scarf

      Accessorize your outfit with a pretty floral scarf over your head and get your pout on.

9.Printed Wedges

      Wedges are the most fashionable item on my essential list .You can pair it with almost anything and still rock in it.

10.Straw Hats

 Planning to go to the beach,a straw hat is a must have to complete your beach look.

11. Popsicle

Tastes like Heaven in your mouth ! Hashtag mouthwatering

12. Hair Protector

    Don't forget to spray hair with a heat protector before you step out in the sun.

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9 April 2014

Closet Cleansing 101

Hey Rickrackers !
 With the increase in summer heat I think its time for some cleansing.Closet Cleansing.Bring out all your summer wear back upfront and pack your sweaters and socks where you don't have to see them for the next seven months.A few things to do before you start
  • Spare a day or a couple of hours
  • Get some music on (Set a play list)
  • Put your most comfy pants
  • Get a Donation Box.

Ready? Let's begin..
Questions you need to ask yourself for every piece in your close

     1.Does it fit now?
  Ill-fitting clothes are definitely a put off so just do yourself a favor  and toss them into the donation box.
     2. Am I going to wear it anytime soon?
  Think twice before you say YES!  It might be the same answer you told yourself two years back and still haven't seen it until now.
     3.When was the last time you worn it?
  Don't remember it ?!
    Donation Box calling...
     4. Is it currently in trend?
     Any ponchos or bell bottoms still hanging at back must find their way out STAT
     5.Does that piece best describe your personal style ?
   Is it something that you can identify yourself with in the present day. Don't forget First impression are ALWAYS the best ones.

      6.Most Important : If you were to shop ,would you pick that same piece(be it a belt or shoes) in today's time?

      7. "Categorize and Organize " 

Set out everything in sections.Don't pile it up for it to get messy in two day again. Organize your clothes(shirts,denims,shorts,dresses), shoes, belts, nightwear, lingerie separately in your closet.

Once your down , click a picture to keep a check on how messy you are :p

Needless to say any damaged or faded clothes are to be dispose and not to be tossed into the donation box!

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10 March 2014

Born To Pleat

Hey Rickrackers,
Spring is in the air and it is definitely my most favourite time of the year.Fresh air and new blossoms everywhere around the corner but sadly not so pretty in my city (so much pollution). Plus it was raining here last week with hails i might add! what is going on Mr.global warming? Ok,Back to good things now so what comes to your mind when I say "its spring season" For me its two things: A. Fashion Week!! And B. All the pretty things like pastel colours, lilies, Skirts, Red velvet cupcakes, and Patchwork (don’t know why). I'd put together a spring outfit from my wardrobe to express my spring love. Also, I have something new at the end of this post for y’all and I really hope you like it or appreciate my thought!
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Sorry for the crappy pic quality!
Mint shirt & Neckpiece-Colaba,Mumbai
Sling/satchel-Vero moda
Pleat Skirt & T-Strap Heels- Lifestyle stores
Nail paint-Maybelline colorshow

Thanks ka,it was so much fun!
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3 March 2014

A Peak Of Freshness

Hello My Rickrackers!
My first March post is here and what better day to publish it.Well, its raining here in Hyderabad. It truly is a beautiful day outside but for some reason I chose to be indoors this Sunday (moody much :p?).So, with wedding season all around us(literally) I picked on the idea of doing an Indian/Ethnic look on the blog since I have never tried it before.. frankly at first I was quite skeptical about it but I decided to do it anyway plus I don't look that bad or anything.
P.s: Saris and me are not exactly the best of friends.
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Mehendi after super long time!

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